the happy family

ROSWELL ROCKO - the one and only! goes by roswell or reno. the host, the one whos brain the others reside in! roswell is low-key, tired, and often shy. he likes bugs and soft-serve ice cream, as well as horror movies, taxidermy, and many other morbid interests. roswell is friend-shaped.

AMOS GRACE - amos is a virtual puppet with SAWYER's hand inside of it. protective, with a dark sense of humor and an eloquent way of speaking, amos is an entirely artifical being who identifies more with the internet than with humanity. amos loves to chat posthumanism and poststructuralism.

KILLIGAN REDD - voted MOST LIKELY TO FUCK YOU UP five years in a row, killigan james redd considers himself a wildchild with a taste for blood. killigan is aggressive and attention-thirsty, though he has a softer side he hates to reveal. he and roswell have an on-again off-again antagonistic relationship.

MERRY BIRTHDAY - sweet and soft, birthday is the size of a hamster and made out of cotton candy. he likes good days, warm hugs, hot chocolate, strawberries, and loads of sugar. birthday is sensitive and easily scared, with a tender heart and a brother-like relationship with killigan. he's also a bit mysterious, apparently ageless and occasionally esoteric.