a brief character list

JOHN ANDERSON - surgeon-scientist obsessed with gore. a bad childhood and incredibly low self-esteem has negatively impacted his view on the world around him. his ethics are questionable, along with his practices.
HADLEY BROWN - genius scientist with a playfully cruel streak. he's enlisted by the government as part of a laboratory study on the radiation-like effects of magic. as a result, he's been given a bodyguard, lynch.
"LYNCH" - vat-grown magic-imbued bodyguard of the wealthy and important. he has no past to speak of sans killing and no free will of his own. he also has little-to-no self-esteem, but hadley is working on that.
VALENTINE KELLY - shy, anxious scientist with a wild masochistic streak. valentine is extremely kind and accepting, but also extremely negative towards himself, convinced that he deserves only the worst.
DANIEL DVORSKY - ender of the world. a dangerous man wrapped in a shy facade.